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With your help you enable us to start social design projects!

The design process is not always available to everybody and stays too often exclusively for bigger organisations. Projects like the we are human rights project are created out of the urge to improve the situation of human rights defenders. 
Individuals often have not the financial resources to pay for the development which can improve their situation. We want to change this! We want to offer the possibility to young designers to support change makers and their valuable work. But to do so we need your help!

Why donate?

Foundation We Are wants to support change makers world wide and enable young creatives to spread their ideas. For this we need your support. With your support we can work together with individuals and organisations who do not have the financial resources to initiate projects.  Furthermore we are supporting young designers and enable them to work internationally. Since young designers often do not get the needed credibility, we are supporting them in their development and with their project which can change the world. 
Thank you for joining us.

What we do?

No matter how big your donation, your generosity helps us to:

  • Start and maintain social design projects
  • Help supporting young designers
  • Support social projects and work with human rights defenders
  • Establishing projects with human rights defenders in currently: Burundi, Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico, Sudan, Kenya & Russia

Social design projects would not be possible without your donations. Only together, we can keep creating change all over the world.