Designer: Hannah van Luttervelt
Collaboration: We Are Human Rights

Hannah, together with Vilma, is developing a game that educates children in rural areas that have limited opportunities.


Vilma works in a place where factors such as the presence of a military base in the village as well as the isolation from the rest of the country dominate the local children’s future. Children in rural Colombian communities have very limited opportunities. Economic prosperity is too often presented on a limited horizon: become a prostitute if you are a girl, and a soldier if you are a boy.


During her years of working with Colombian children from isolated areas, Vilma developed an educational methodology that helps them reconnect to the local history and tradition. Hannah’s proposal looks into a way of simplifying and building upon this educational practice. This will take the form of a game-like tool. The aim would be to empower children and youth to imagine the narratives of their own lives and futures. As a result they can become independent from external influence. Moreover, it is a tool to be used collectively, in order to inspire a cooperative spirit and to reinforce the community as a whole.


next step: prototype

Hannah will develop the game-like tool during a field-research in Colombia. As a trial she will work closely with Vilma and the local children. They will test a range of game structures to find the one that works best within this context.


Vilma is the director and legal representative of a Colombian organisation that promotes and defends children’s rights. The priority issues of the organisation are juvenile justice, children in armed conflict and peace building, rights of indigenous girls and women, and violence against children. The organisation works mostly in high-risk conflict areas of the country.


A game that reduces the vulnerability of the community